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Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to 2011

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I'm a few days early, but I had some free time so I figured I'd get a head start.

I wanted to make 2011's blog more encompassing. None of my previous blogs ever really brought across how insanely busy and varied my daily life is... so I've decided that I have to journalise much more than just the cool stuff.

I'm going to try as far as possible to make NKYN2011 a daily (short) commentary of the stuff I had to deal with on a specific day - and what I thought of it. For example:

I run a lot of stories in my job as a content producer for, so some of those that struck me in any way will be listed here - maybe I'll even just list what I did that day.

I plan to tackle a couple of creative projects this year. I have to make time for it. Maybe blogging will help keep things moving forward in that regard. One project on the move is a recording I've been asked to produce for my old bud Greg Donnelly - he of the legendary Dolly Rockers. That process is set to kick off in Jan 2011.

Also, now that The White Guys are technically retired, it's going to be interesting to see what happens next.

Other than that let's just see how it goes.  Letters and comments and such are always welcome, of course.
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