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Monday, January 17, 2011

Art's Not Dead - The Movie

Capa Revista do Polêmico Ensaio com modelo no ...Image by via Flickr
In November 2010, Artur Pereira announces his retirement from the music scene. In the weeks leading up to his farewell concert on December 1, bandmates and friends reflect on his impact on their lives and music. featuring musical performances by his bands COAL, ANDY LUN...D AND THE MISSION MEN, V.O.L., THREE MORE WHITE GUYS, and THE ALL-STAR COLLECTIVE.

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(About this pic: It shows up when I search for "Artur Pereira" in my blog search. <shrug>.

PPS: DON'T  google Suzana Pittelli at work.)
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  1. WAHAHAHAHA!!!! Really? That pic shows up? DAMN I AM HOT!