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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art's Not Dead - The Feedback

Drums ottoImage via Wikipedia"a superb slice of CapeTown band life, as seen with a smile, from a day that was a sad day. Might not make sense to anyone outside 'the scene', but it's a must see for anyone who's enjoyed any of the bands, or knows people who go to listen to them, night after night. "
- Evan Milton (Music Journalist, Radio DJ, Bandstand columnist)

"Really enjoyed it, being a local musician. It was a definite passion project, and that passion shone through. For the content and feel, it deserved better production quality, not that the quality ruined the movie. The presentation of the story and people’s thoughts and impressions was very well presented. The flow was very good as well."
- Philip Cramer

"Art's Not Dead, gives a glimpse into the life of one of the best drummers in South Africa, and his seemingly relentless quest to be the best. It also demonstrates what happens when you push yourself too far in such pursuits.

"What Art had accomplished over the last two years (2009 - 2010) was akin to an athletic feat. Luckily, he has a strong base of people who care very deeply for him, so he made it out of - what must have been - a metaphorical pit of frustration.

"The film also provides you with an insight into what it really means to be in a band in the underground rock scene in the CBD and southern suburbs of Cape Town. A look into the lives of the members of the bands that don't come from Bellville or Stellenbosch - where there's stronger support - and how we all have tried and still are trying to make something that is deeply personal and belongs to us.

"Marshall has produced a true documentary; there is no pity in the film and no arrogance. Just a group of friends dreaming together, sticking together and helping each other out. Even when they disagree with one another. I for one, am proud and lucky to call these people my friends."
- Simon Tamblyn (The Sleepers)

" was awesome. Legend."
-Carli Mcadorey

"...the only thing I was distracted by was how awesome I was on the big screen"
- Kevin Rule (V.O.L.)

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