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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queen - Greatest Hits I and II

We're in Greatest Hits Season it seems. P!nk, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi (reviewed here soon) and several others have done the new compilation thing in the past few months.

But it was quite a surprise to find a re-issue of Queen's Greatest I and II in the mail the other day. And my attention was immediately drawn to the sleeve notes, where I was curious to see whether this was the last throw of the dice for EMI Queen, or whether it was the first cash-in by the new label. "Universal" it says on the back.  Fair enough.

And good play on their part to issue the original covers emblazoned with the "digital remaster" ploy. Because in reality Queen should be reissued every ten years or so anyway, lest the younger crowd hopped up on 30 Seconds to Mars forget what number one hits sounded like back in the days of real album rock.

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