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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm going to get into trouble for this...

Symbol of the planet and Roman goddess Venus, ... 
A facebook conversation today. And before y'all start trippin', I just want to say. I know, I know! So step off!

Kitty Emsley Apparently it's International Woman's Day. So where's my woman?

Anton Marshall You're obviously not an International Woman. You're a Local Woman.

Kitty Emsley Ooooooh!

Anton Marshall Besides... it's facade to placate y'all. Y'all be distracted by having a day named for y'all. When actually all it really does is perpetuate yo sense of inequality by highlighting it. Y'all need one WHOLE day fo yo issues, apparently! ONE WHOLE DAY! Jim Crow be laffin his ass off alla way de bank now. - (Obviously I've had coffee today. Igno mah ass.)

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