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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interview: Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega (album)Image via WikipediaThis interview was originally conducted for and published by Channel24. Click here to go o the original article.

Modern music icon Suzanne Vega chats to Channel24's Anton Marshall about music, victims and the ever-changing world.

Suzanne Vega is a modern music icon.

She found international stardom with the hit single "Luka" (1987) and for over 20 years the singer-songwriter has remained at the forefront of her genre.

Vega is also an artist who has been a part of many firsts in the music business. Her song "Tom's Diner" was one of the first songs used in the development tests for the MP3 algorithm (She is affectionaltely knows as "The Mother of MP3").

In July 2011 she released the third of four albums in a series called Closer. The albums collect songs from her albums, re-recorded in new arrangements for the fans.

She was also the first artist to perform as a digital avatar in the online world "Second Life".

In this interview from London
, Suzanne chats about the new albums, central themes in her work, human rights, and the "prickly" parts of life.

Listen to the 12-minute interview here.

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