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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ard trends on Twitter

South Africa national rugby union team (sevens)Image via WikipediaOriginally written for and published by Channel24

Twitter had some gems to offer Ard Matthews, after he bungled the SA anthem on national television.

Among the most popular retweets were advertisements for Nandos and Klipdrift (pictured), which surfaced hours after the incident.

But other seemingly commercial bents soon followed, like @Frankdotnet who tweeted: Life is full of surprises – right Ard? Be ready for the unexpected, with salary protection from

Regular people had plenty of funny lines to offer as well:
@Miggslp: Dnt know what was worse, Ard Matthews stuffing up the SA anthem or those caps the Springboks were wearing!

: Apparently Ras Dumisani says Ard Matthews can't sing. That's like Blade Nzimande calling Whoopi Goldberg ugly.

@ErnestRoper: After an hour of listening to Darren Scott, Ard's singing was still a welcome relief.

: Ard im convinced that 2013 wont exist

Others took an analytical view of the event:

@KevinMcCallum: Difference between Ard Matthews and Ras Dumisane? Matthews blamed himself; Dumisane blamed everyone and everything else.

@MeMyselfAndMrV: Ard is a gentleman. He fixed it all on Jacaranda this morning. It happens. To me all the time. But on the spot I'd rewrite.

Watch the video here:

Other performers and celebs chipped in too:

@steve_hofmeyr: I suggest we simplify the anthem by dropping verse two for sport events. SA will know the WHOLE song overnite.

Anele Mdoda - @Anele: Dear Ard Matthews, thank you so so much, really thanks, signed, Ras Dumisani.

@RobVanVuuren: come watch my show this weekend - i promise i'll be better than Ard. Watch Twakkie's hilarious rendition of the anthem here.

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