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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Audio interview: The Script

The Script en BarcelonaImage by alterna2 via FlickMark Sheehan turns out to be an honest man. He openly admits that the moments that made the band successful were scary as hell, and that the rise to fame was as much of a surprise to them as anyone else.

Mark talks about the legacy of being an Irish band in a world that's known U2 and Van Morrison, how success came about for the band, and what playing for 70 000 (20 000 more than Oasis the night before)  felt like.

Click here to hear the Interview in full (7 mins).

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Friday June 24 2011
Coca-Cola Dome
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Cape Town
Sunday June 26 2011
Grand Arena, Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World.
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Originally published on Channel24

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