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Monday, June 6, 2011

Backstreet Boys – As Long as You Love Me

Those who know me do understand that I've never been one to follow the candypop bands – especially those who require dance routines to sell their music.

BUT I do give credit where it's due, and sometimes even a boy band from the nineties deserves a mention for getting a single right.

Backstreet Boys were never really on my radar – I kind of regarded them as an American phenomenon, neither unimportant nor particularly critical to music and its legacy. Their second album, Backstreet's Back, did contain at least one little gem of a song.

The official music video is rather predictable, but this live performance for Disney appropriately captures the band's appeal for that intended audience; they were good performers who never really felt they needed to take things over the top (looking at you, Gaga), but managed to come across as friendly, fun, and just smart and respectable enough to be acceptable at your Dad's dinner table.

In this case, a great pop song, complemented by a great live performance. Respect.

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