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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Six great child pop acts

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By Anton Marshall, Carli McAdorey, Dani McAdorey, Art Pereira, Lauren Hess, and Syminn Tamblyn

Many names go on the brainstorming page when you embark on a quest to mention great child pop stars. But add a few criteria and seemingly obvious choices are eliminated off the bat.

For example, specify that the child-star in question cannot be simply young. Being young but being sold as an adult eliminates the likes of Britney Spears, in this case. She was around 17 when her debut album arrived. Certainly her schoolgirl outfit in her debut video was not to allude to playtime – at least not for kids.

So we decided to keep this short list to the acts that were obviously children and meant to be seen as such. Here are six we felt deserved a mention:

Bad 4 Good

A heavy metal band formed in 1991 by guitarist Steve Vai, the band featured a quartet of teenagers, none older than 16. Of the four, drummer Brooks Wackerman had arguably the most post-Bad success, playing for Bad Religion.

Jackson 5

It's hard to argue that there was ever any other vocal or pop child group with more pure talent and appeal than the Jacksons. And it's even more scary when you observe that even amongst that lot, Michael was a standout performer by a long, long stretch.

New Edition

In the early eighties, Robert Bell of Kool and the Gang helped put together a group of talented kids and a pop sensation was born. Testimony to their enduring talent is what became of their respective careers immediately after New Edition split up, especially one Mr Bobby Brown.


These days they're written off as a cheesy 90s schlock. But bear in mind that the brothers Hanson actually performed their own instrumentation in studio and live, and that "Mmmbop" track is pretty catchy.. for cheesy 90s schlock. Oddly, some people think they're related to Beck Hansen. Weird.

Musical Youth

In an unusual twist, UK band Musical Youth brought a reggae bent to proceedings and were nominated for a Grammy! Their wildly misinterpreted hit "Pass the Duchie" is still an anthem for stoners, and a source of outrage for concerned parent groups everywhere. Naturally, the duchie in question has nothing to do with either drugs or sports dexterity.


Precocious and born to Hollywood royalty she may be, but on the strength of her debut song – the gratingly inspired "Whip My Hair" – Willow Smith has star quality. If she remains focused into her teens, she may even buy some credibility in the music scene.

Justin Bieber

Bieber wins everything. Grammys, MTV Awards, BET (Black Entertainment) Awards, CMT (Country Music) Awards...we expect him to take home the Oscar for best supporting actress next year. So... yeah, Bieber's in. Here he collaborates with another spawn of Smith and Pinkett, Jaden.

Any more to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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