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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will Smith – Wild Wild West

Wild Wild WestImage via WikipediaSlick Willy is the consummate showbusiness all-rounder. Actor, rapper, presenter... he's a fine example of how charisma and likeabilty will take you far far beyond your small beginnings.

He had a fair crop of hits in the early 90s ("Girls of the World Ain't Nuthin but Trouble!", even though he's kept his brand of rap fairly innocuous, pushing fun and light over hard and mean.

While the movie Wild Wild West turned out to be a bit of a dog - or giant spider, whatever - the accompanying single is a killer of note.

Sampling and referencing solidly from Stevie Wonder and hip-hop icon Kool Moe Dee, the groove that's produced is as good as anything in the preceding decade.

In fact, so good is the arrangement, even Sisqó's, slightly overcooked delivery of the chorus hook works deliciously!

It's a perfect flatbead for Smith's ever-the-wise-ass lyrics and posturing, and as a result the whole thing comes off like it should: Fun under a very VERY slick delivery.

Along with "Boom Shake the Room", this is Slick Willy's finest moment, despite criticism from the gallery at the time of its release.

Note a hilariously stiff dance segment in the video (which is actually pretty funtastic as well) actually seems to add to the charm of the whole shebang. If you don'f feel your feet tapping to this, you're dead from the ears down.

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